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Decluttering one room or your entire home will leave you feeling more relaxed and able to focus on the more important things in life.

We can help you with ideas, tips and tricks on how to organise any space in your home.  We can get you started or do it all for you ... the choice is yours!

Consultation & Advice

Is clutter taking over your life?  Want a decluttered and more
organised space but don't know where to start?  Don't just shut the door and ignore it any longer?

Book a one-hour consultation with us so we can discuss your
decluttering / organising goals. We can offer advice if you want to do it yourself, or we can provide hands-on help, working with you, to declutter and organise your space.

We start by helping you clear the clutter. We then help you sort that clutter into groups such as what you want to keep and what you wish to donate or discard.

Once that's done we get on with organising.  Often we will suggest and help implement storage systems appropriate for your space.

Let us help you get started.  Once you tell us your decluttering / organising goals, we will provide ideas and recommendations on how to achieve them.


Decluttering a room or your whole home will help reduce stress levels and leave you feeling more inspired and able to focus better. You will discover a decluttered and tidy home reduces housework time - leaving you with more energy to live a fuller life.

Do you sometimes feel you need a bigger home? Try decluttering first. Get rid of unused and unnecessary items, sort and tidy those cupboards, declutter your living areas ... you will be amazed at how much bigger your existing home will look and feel.

When you let go of "excess stuff" you will feel like a weight has been lifted from you. You will feel lighter and more alive.

Declutter & Organise

The next best thing after decluttering your space will be an organised space.

Do you sometimes shop for pantry items only to get home and find you already have those items ... hidden away in an untidy and cluttered pantry?

Are members of your household always asking where to find this or that? Having a place for everything and everything in its place will reduce those questions.

Rearranging your storage spaces will not only free up space, it will also make things easier to find, easier to keep track of, and take away those little daily stresses of not being able to find what you are looking for.

Organised spaces also look and feel good!

Declutter + Organise + Products

We can provide "the works" by decluttering, then organising using a variety of storage solutions and products to help you achieve an organised home.

Let us help you transform one or more rooms or storage spaces into well organised and efficient spaces. It might be your pantry, laundry, kitchen cupboards, linen cupboard, wardrobes, or your home office ... if it is organised well it will function well.

The same applies to bedrooms and home offices ... if they are organised they will function so much better and feel more calm.

Little children will find it so much easier to tidy their play areas if their toys and play things have designated storage areas.

There are a number of storage solutions and products available to help you achieve an organised home.

Products for D.I.Y.

Our online Store has many different storage products for those who prefer to "do it yourself".

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  • Initial Consultation

    Chat with us about our services and how we can assist you to achieve an organised and decluttered home or office.

  • Declutter

    Take everything out. Use the "stay" or "go" sorting method to decide what to keep, donate or fling into the bin.

  • Organise

    Optimise your newly decluttered space by keeping everything accessible and easy to see.

  • Enjoy!

    Get on with living in your newly decluttered space! You will find yourself more relaxed and more easily able to focus on living.