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8 piece clear drawer organiser set

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Perfect for Kitchen, office, bathroom drawers. This 7 piece set comes with a variety of sizes to fit any drawer space within the household.

Included: 1 x 40x16cm, 1x 24.5x16cm, 1x 16x16cm, 1x 32x8cm, 1x 24x8cm, 1x 16x8cm, 2x 8x8cm

Dimensions: 40.4,x16.3,5.3cm, 24.5x16.3x5.3cm, 16.3x16.3x5.3cm, 32.3x8.1x5.3cm, 24.1x8.1x5.3cm, 16x8.1x5.3cm, 8.1x8.1x5.3cm

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe