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Bamboo Square Plate

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These adorable children's plates are made from 100% bamboo - organic & eco-friendly; naturally anti-bacterial & anti-microbial with a segmented design to easily keep foods separate.

These plates come complete with a complimentary suction pad that attaches to the underside of the plate so it sticks tight to any table surface or high chair.

Bamboo silicone spoon added for the ultimate gift pack.  Spoon colour options available.

Includes - 1 x Square Bamboo Plate, 1 x white suction pad, 1 x silicone bamboo spoon.

Dimensions - W : 18cm D : 18cm H : 2.5cm

The product is made from 100% Bamboo which needs a little regular love and care.  Lightly rub coconut oil  over product before use and on a regular basis if Bamboo starts to dry out.

This product is NOT dishwasher safe and must be hand washed lightly directly after use.  Do not leave unwashed for periods at a time as product will stain.